Leadership and Governance

The governance of CIMR is vested in an elected Board of Regents; currently there are 24 members. Bay Area community leaders serve on the Board of Regents and the Board of Directors.

The resources of the Institute are complementary to the teaching program at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC). SCVMC is one of Stanford University’s four teaching hospitals and many of CIMR’s scientists hold positions on the Stanford faculty.

With a collaborative environment and with affiliations to local universities, CIMR, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, provides scientists with laboratory facilities, grants management and administrative support for clinical and laboratory projects, common equipment and space, a surgical suite, and a staffed animal facility.

CIMR takes the labor out of finding a great lab, the labor out of keeping up with compliance issues, the labor out of providing HR services, and the labor out of administering your grant. And we do all that with less bureaucracy and faster decision making processes to ensure you spend more time on your project and minimal time on administrative issues.

CIMR also promotes and produces educational conferences.

Board of Regents

Robert Blair Richard Brounstein Vishnu Chaturvedi Ph.D.  Robert Di Blasi, MD
Geri Hadley John Hotson, MD Gillian Humphries Ph.D. Paula Jones
Christoph Karch, MD Carol Kemper, MD Albert Lin, MD Krysia (Christina) Lindan, MD
Gerry Mack William Parrish Jeffrey Reese, MD John Sherck, MD
Dongli Song, MD David Stevens, MD Joseph Stevens, Esq. Jerry Lynn Sullivan
Gerald Trobough, MD James Vaudagna, MD Dean Winslow, MD Gary Schoolnik, MD

Board of Directors

David Stevens, MD, President

John Hotson, MD, Vice President

Richard (Rick) Brounstein, Treasurer

Paula Jones, Secretary

Robert Blair

Robert Di Blasi, MD

Geri Hadley

Gillian Humphries Ph.D.

Carol Kemper, MD

John Sherck, MD

Gerald Trobough, MD




CIMR is located in the heart of Silicon Valley at:

2260 Clove Dr.
San Jose, Ca 95128
Tel: 408-998-4554
Fax: 408-998-2723