Research Grants Administration

CIMR’s administration office is responsible for the administration of research grants. This includes:

  • helping find funding opportunities
  • assisting investigators with the preparation and submission of proposal applications,
  • working with sponsors and collaborating institutions to negotiate contract and award terms,
  • monitoring project budget activity to ensure compliance with CIMR & sponsor policies and guidelines,
  • reviewing and approving research expenditures, preparing monthly projection reports, and preparing various post-award requests to sponsors (e.g., no-cost extension requests, re-budget requests, financial reports).

The fee for this service for an offsite project is the negotiated DHHS government indirect rate for the year in which the grant became effective if begun at CIMR. The same indirect rate will continue until the conclusion of the grant period. If a grant is transferred to CIMR, the indirect rate for the year in which the grant was transferred will apply until the conclusion of the grant period. If grant money is stored outside of a grant period, the indirect rate for the current year will apply and will be updated each year to reflect the current rate. Indirect rates are only applied against expenses as the expenses are charged to the project.

Research Grant Process Pre-Award

To help you with your grant application, we can provide seasoned researchers who can offer advice and feedback on research project ideas and research proposals: contact 408.998.4554 or [email protected] for more information. Wwe also offer editing services for committed projects.

Federal Grant Resources:

NIH Grant Cycle:

New Investigator Guide to NIH Funding:

Federal Grant Opportunities:

National Institutes of Health:

NIH Research Grant Writing Tips:,

Common Mistakes in NIH Applications:

Grant Review & Approval

For research that requires the use of vertebrate animals: you must submit your protocol through CIMR’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). Many sponsors, including the National Institutes of Health (NIH), allow you to submit proof of an approved protocol on a “just-in-time” basis, after they have assessed the probable success of the grant proposal‛s funding. Call the Institutional Officer at 408.998.4554 or e-mail [email protected] for submission requirements and forms.

For research that requires the use of human subjects or biologicals: you must submit your protocol to an Institutional Review Board (IRB). If you are a VMC physician/researcher, contact the VMC IRB office at: (408) 885-3115 or e-mail grant[email protected]

For further information: Most sponsors require that you submit your protocol to the IRB prior to submitting your proposal to them. NIH allows you to submit proof of an approved protocol on a “just-in-time” basis, after they have assessed the probable success of the grant proposal‛s funding. After you receive approval from the IRB, it is your responsibility to inform the funding sponsor. Protocols must be updated at least annually, or whenever the protocol changes. All research involving human subjects is subject to the conditions set forth in the applicable portions of the code of federal regulations.

Budget Development

It is the investigator’s responsibility to estimate reasonable costs for the proposed project. To prepare a budget, you must first read and understand the granting agency’s policies and guidelines. Contact CIMR early for assistance in budget compiling; CIMR will put your numbers in the sponsor format, double check your numbers and check compliance with sponsor requirements. Note: CIMR already has federally negotiated indirect rates.


For NIH and indeed for many sponsors these days, grants are submitted online. CIMR has registered for all the required sites necessary to submit an application to the NIH including, ERA Commons and CCR.  Electronic Grants Processing: CIMR will submit the grant application


Accounting, Budget Tracking & Monitoring: An account is set up for each grant project and a project number is issued. Once CIMR receives the funds, we monitor spending against the grant budget and send monthly statements to investigators.

Independent Contractors: We prepare and submit 1099 forms for all eligible (per IRS regulations) independent contractors at the end of each year.

Employees: We provide HR services from hiring to payroll processing for project employees. Fringe Benefits can also be offered through CIMR. The Benefits are health and dental insurances, a 403b retirement plan, accrued vacation and sick time. The benefits are charged as a direct cost to each applicable project.

Ordering: Expenses are charged to projects based on requests from Principal Investigators using CIMR supplied Purchase Requisitions.  No expense is paid without a Purchase Requisition signed by the Principal Investigator or an authorized person in charge of the project. All payment requests must have a Purchase Requisition accompanied by original receipts for supplies and equipment, timesheets for contractors and employees, and invoices for vendors. All contractors must have a W-9 on file at CIMR. The W-9 must have the contractor’s contact information.

Bill/requisition payments: Checks are cut once a week and distributed according to the instructions on the Purchase Requisition.

Financial Reporting: Reports to sponsors, if applicable, are sent to the sponsor as stipulated in the award letter, these are usually done in concert with scientific reports from the investigator.

Accounting Regulations Compliance: CIMR is responsible for compliance with federal and GAAP accounting regulations; CIMR’s financial statements are reviewed by a CPA at the end of every month and the financial statements are audited annually.

Other Compliance: CIMR provides annual biosafety, hazard communication, fire extinguisher, health and safety, animal care & use and other trainings related to OSHA to all employees. CIMR ensures compliance (and certification where applicable) of the Facility’s biosafety equipment/systems, Bio & Chemical waste hazard disposal



CIMR is located in the heart of Silicon Valley at:

2260 Clove Dr.
San Jose, Ca 95128
Tel: 408-998-4554
Fax: 408-998-2723