Investigator Opportunities at CIMR

An Institution with Ideal Facilities seeking an Antimicrobial Resistance Research Group looking for a home

Ideal Antimicrobial Resistance Research Laboratory Space Available in Silicon Valley at an Established Medical Institution

The California Institute for Medical Research (CIMR) recognizes the current, very serious threat of disease due to antimicrobial resistance. CIMR, with a long history of doing research in this area, tailored its facilities to work on pathogenic microorganisms and is well positioned to play a role in the global efforts to mitigate disease caused by antimicrobial resistance.

For the last 43 years, Dr. David Stevens and his research group have studied pathogenic microbes at CIMR, including those that represent biohazards. In the process, CIMR and Dr. Stevens have made improvements to the facility, including the establishment of a BSL3 facility, making it ideal for work with pathogenic microorganisms. We also have a fully certified laboratory animal facility and are situated on the campus of a 640-bed public hospital. CIMR plans to augment its current infectious disease-related activities and build for the future with a continuing focus on antimicrobial resistance.

If you are interested in pursuing an opportunity at the CIMR please see for further information about the institute, and contact Dr. Gillian Humphries at [email protected].



CIMR is located in the heart of Silicon Valley at:

2260 Clove Dr.
San Jose, Ca 95128
Tel: 408-998-4554
Fax: 408-998-2723