AIDS Research Grant Awarded

The California Institute for Medical Research announces a grant in aid of research on AIDS to Dr. Michele Tang. The funding for this award came from the Burt W. and Virginia Polin Charitable Gift Fund, and was designated for AIDS research.

Dr. Tang will pursue her research at the California Institute for Medical Research (CIMR), 2260 Clove Drive, San Jose, 95128, on the campus of Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC). CIMR is dedicated to the health of the community, and promotes investigation in a variety of basic and clinical research disciplines. One such discipline is research on AIDS, and other CIMR investigators are currently at work on other aspects of this severe illness. CIMR will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year. 

Dr. Tang's application was entitled "Developing a model of asymptomatic and reactivated cryptococcal disease in AIDS". The Cryptococcus is an opportunistic microbe that also infects healthy persons, and is particularly devastating when infecting persons whose immunity is impaired by diseases such as AIDS or a malignancy, or who receive immune suppressive drugs, such as steroids, for a variety of illnesses. It causes over 600,000 deaths globally every year. Her work will contribute to improving defenses against these infections.

The selection process for the award was by a "blue ribbon" committee, chaired by Dr. Dean Winslow, Chair of Medicine at SCVMC, including Dr. Mark Holodniy of the Palo Alto VA Med. Ctr., and Dr. Catherine Blish, of Stanford University Med. Ctr., all experts in AIDS research. The Committee received excellent competing applications, which they also complimented. CIMR wishes there was sufficient funding to also award competing applications, as well.