Rapid, Easy Startup
Complete facilities and support services in the friendly, collegial atmosphere of an established biomedical research institute.

Fully-Equipped Wet Lab Space
Completely finished, air-conditioned wet lab space for lease to biomedical research and development groups; with lab benches, cabinets, sinks, water, vacuum and air lines, (gas cylinders supplied if required). Backup generator. Security system for the building (secure entry).


Current Major Research
Infectious diseases, immunology, pharmacology, oncology.

Human Research
Available in-house and at adjacent Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC) and regional clinical centers. Institutional Review Board (IRB) access. Assures fast approval and compliance with applicable state and federal regulations.


Common Lab & Equipment Rooms
Autoclaves, centrifuges, balances, BSL 2 hoods, incubator, liquid nitrogen storage, freezer, BSL 3 wet lab with autoclave. Glassware washing room with distilled water and ice.


Vivarium (Animal Facility) On-Site
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), animal care floor with secure access, acute or chronic small animal housing and care, protective cages for immunocompromised animals.


Office Space and Equipment

CIMR Administration’s copy and fax machines may be used for modest fees. Dedicated office space may be leased by occupants of the labs.

Conference Room
Available for meetings.

Kitchen/Break Room
A shared facility.

Flexible Lease Terms
Negotiable short-term and long-term agreements for space and duration.